Going On The Account: None the Verse for Wear…

And I thought that my efforts to reach out to an audience were extreme…


So I’m working my way home through Midtown this evening, taking the transfer tunnel between two subway lines, the 7 to the B and D.  I’ve got mobile music blaring, volume up high as “Won’t Get Fooled Again” blasts through the ear buds in an effort to fool myself into feeling revolutionary despite having bought into everything Pete Townshend targeted in his song.  I’m weaving through the crowd, trying not to plow anyone not on the verge of a sprint to the ground or into a wall.


And I nearly knocked over the guy hunched up at a tray table with a small portable typewriter against the wall.


I slow down like an aircraft carrier, gradually as my displacement makes sudden stops difficult.   It’s a good twenty feet by the time I stopped, when I turned off the music to get a closer look.


And yes, what I saw at seven knots was still there:  A man with a manual portable typewriter, hunched over it.  Offering to type poems on requests, his sign reading “poetry while you wait” hanging from the table.

I asked him about his offer, and he offered to do me a poem on the spot, on a topic of my choosing.  I thought about it, and decided to ask him for one on the process of writing.


And in that instant, I found myself the recipient of a poem by Allan Andre.  It was a nice piece, which he read for me when he finished, the main copy from the roller while the back-up created with the piece of mimeograph behind the paper.
And as I think about it, needing to fling verse on the spot with a prep and turnaround time measured in seconds, stationed in an over-active passageway amidst the noise and crowd, nearly disappearing into a rush hour throng, using tools that thanks to the Information Revolution may seem to folks younger than I as akin to flint hand axes, I feel lazy by comparison.  Two novels online with a regular update schedule?  Yeah, compared with him, well…

I took my poem, a few minutes and a donation lighter, and re-entered the shipping channel, impressed by a writer with more extreme craftsmanship than I’ve shown so far…

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