Going On The Account: Celebrating the Holiday

No, not that one; all the same, shana tovah, everyone…

I’m actually discussing International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which as always is September 19th.  Once again, it’s time to go “Aaargh!” a lot, order rum drinks with impunity and watch everyone in Sid Meier’s Pirates honor the day by speaking like pirates when you play on September 19th (or set your computer’s calendar to that date; seriously, any governor’s daughter you interact with speaks like she’s Robert Freakin’ Newton in the film, and it’s worth a laugh to read that…)

This year, over and above doing all that listed above and having a few words on the blog, I’ll be making a special offer for everyone out there:

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’ve just published for Kindle the popular history The Pirates of New York.  It looks at how pirates affected the history of New York City, and is a light short read that hopes to entertain as well as inform.

And for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, it’ll be downloadable for free!

So if you’ve been meaning to check it out but plead poverty for whatever reason (I don’t judge…), log in that day and download the book.  Tell your friends about it, let them know there’s goodies being given away then.

Never let it be said that I let this year’s remembrance go unnoticed…

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