Going On The Account: Meanwhile, Over There…

I wrote a while ago (back in April) about an article providing strong digital demonstrations of what some landmarks would loo like as the sea rolled in.

Well, the folks behind the last demo have paid some attention to the West Coast, including this piece showing the San Diego Convention Center being inundated, just in time for ComicCon:

Once again, as we do every year now, we say over our wine, “Next year in Jerusalem San Diego…”

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One response to “Going On The Account: Meanwhile, Over There…

  1. Interesting graphic! Trying to scare away the ComicCon crowds? lol

    My town’s forked rivers can rise quite severely in springtime, so the city and countryside have been inundated with water on occasion over the centuries. We do live in a ‘flood bowl’ after all, since most of the province was built on an ancient lake bed. Fortunately, the rivers finally recede and life carries on. If the oceans rise, or the coastal land sinks because of earth shifts, those people wouldn’t be so lucky!

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