Going On The Account: Such A Blooming Idiot

No, this isn’t about my last post

In the course of putting together the novel, I thought I had considered everything in terms of climate change, and what that would mean for a city on Lake Erie.  Breakdown of most non-essential government, check; geopolitical realignment leading to resource war, uh-huh; looks like we got most of it here…

And then I read about the return of algae blooms to Lake Erie, due in part to climate change leading to more agricultural runoff into the lake from increased rains.

Maybe part of me is such an optimist, that I didn’t want to believe that the lake could be dying again the way it had back in the 1970s.  Those were bad times for the lake, which seemed all the worse when you consider that Lake Erie is Buffalo’s main source for drinking water; a return of the possibility of lake death would have changed the tenor of the piece.  I make reference in passing to acid rain and zebra mussels, but a serious algae problem just wasn’t coming up in the crystal ball.

A scene involving a pirate raid on a smuggler where glops of algae are churned in the wake of the boats would have been an interesting set piece to build on, the characters too busy pursuing a few dollars’ worth of booty to pay attention to the damage around them, or even willfully ignoring the greater damage around them.  That could have really punctuated the work, and made a sly point with some dramatic imagery.

No point in bemoaning the lost opportunities.  There’s always the next work to try and get it all in…

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