Going On The Account: The Wooden Post

I’m having problems believing it’s been five years since the first novel went live, and with it, this blog as well.


Five years?  I’ve been online longer that Firefly was on the air? Longer than The Addams Family?  Longer than both the original Star Trek and the animated one combined?  Longer than Gordon Brown was PM?  Longer than John F. Kennedy’s presidency?  Longer than Mikhail Gorbachev was in charge of the USSR?  Longer than it took you to read this stupid paragraph…?

Like a lot of programs and habits, the blog found a purpose outside of what it was expected to do and just filled that gap on its own without much oversight.  When I started Going On The Account, it was meant as support for Raging Gail, to let everyone know that a new piece had been published, and give people updates as to how the book was coming along.  Truth to tell, while I did state that I was going to publish two chapters a week, there was always the fear that I’d slack off on the schedule, and so I thought that the blog could be the means of giving people a good excuse an explanation as to why a piece was going to be late.  And indeed, while I was in Vegas in February of ’08, I did give people word of my connectivity issues and pumped oxygen into the novel very early on, at a time when any delay could have destroyed what audience was forming for it.

And the blog might have stayed very utilitarian, had I not wanted to share my thoughts when I heard Gary Gygax had died, on March 6th of ’08.  That was the first instance of the blog going outside of what was envisaged, and put it on its way to a more autonomous existence,  no longer merely tethered to the novel.



April 15th of ’08, and on a day usually fraught with bad associations, that was the day I started sharing news about the Modern Age of Piracy.  That first post was… not stellar, truth to tell, and I might have missed the story entirely had not Cheryl Mortensen from the Rooftop Sessions days not flagged that for me.  The funny thing is, there was a certain synchronicity between the pirates in this novel and the ones off Somalia; the crew and prizes for both started to grow at about the same time, and their high water marks and waning were in step as well.



The first real delving for Going On The Account away from just being the in-house organ / PR flack for the operation came when I discussed Dr. Horrible on July 16th of 2008.  That was really the start of the blog as its own separate project, over and above and outside just being a supplement for the current novel.  Yes, there’s still a lot of support for the main online fiction done here, but as I look back over the last five years, I have t acknowledge that there’s more going on here than I was willing to consider.

No, I’m not going to dissect every damn post from the last five years; this is a reflection, not an autopsy…



I will do one last pull for the clip reel, though; I think it was the Blogtober challenge that made me really consciously appreciate Going On The Account more fully as its own separate work.  As I mentioned above, this blog has outlasted a few other performances out there, including Raging Gail herself.  And when Red Jenny and the Pirates of Buffalo also comes to its last page this year-



Oh don’t look at me like that.  Yes, this novel is online, but it is still a novel, which means like any novel it must have an end.  Otherwise it’ll spiral out of control and become even more incoherent than Varney the Vampire, and that is something you just do not want to ever see happen…

Anyways, the end of Jenny.  When Jenny comes to the end of that book (don’t read that much into that statement), then Going On The Account will continue on, outliving that in addition to everything else before it.  And when the third shared work comes up, whatever that might be, then Going On The Account will try and drum up support for that; for as independent as the blog has become, it still has a promotional job to do, y’know?


I try not to get overly self-congratulatory, as I become a first class bastard when I get a whiff of hubris.  But, I am going to allow myself a little pride on being here for five years, still having something to say after all this time, not all of it boiling down to “Please read desperate little me.”  And I have to thank you, readers of past and present, for being willing to give this a few moments of your time to read.  I can’t begin to thank you properly for looking in on this, and for being willing to let me linger here for so long.

And who knows, when I’m ready to do my tin post in 2018, I might even have something quotable to say…

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  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary (if that’s how you might spell such a thing)! I’m glad I stumbled upon it some time last year, as I have learned more about piracy than I have previously in my life. I’ve enjoyed reading Red Jenny and look forward to each chapter. 🙂

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