Going On The Account: Hanging It Up

No, not me; yeah I did get a little whiny there for a while, which is normal in a cold climate after the holiday season is over.  There’s a reason a lot of people in New York drive I-95 after New Years to spend the next nine weeks in Florida…

I’m actually referring to Mohammad Abdi Hassan, aka Afwene, who just held a press conference to announce that he’s coming ashore for good.  You may remember Hassan as the mastermind of the seizure of the MV Faina, the Ukrainian ship caught supplying arms to  South Sudan (in all likelihood, as the manifest was very quiet about those 30 T-72s aboard her) that was unable to deliver her hold after being seized by pirates for a three million dollar ransom; it helped put Somalia and her pirates before the world’s eyes and drew a lot of attention from navies sailing in from as far off as Norfolk and Murmansk to put them down.

Invariably, the news sources that are looking for a break from over-covering Justin Bieber’s shenanigans and other such ephemera will probably call Afwene “Somalia’s Blackbeard.”  Let’s get something straight here right now:  Blackbeard was killed at sea, while Afwene walked away.  If you want a good comparison (say, you’re trying to sound like you know a little bit of pirate lore, which could help you at your next party), you could call Afwene “Somalia’s Henry Morgan,” as Morgan managed to retire from the Sweet Trade, and even took a government job.  Which is the part of the legend the Captain Morgan Rum Company tends to downplay, but hey…

With any luck, he might really follow through on the Morgan comparison; Somalia needs something closer to an authority around which to build the rule of law and stability than they have now, and who better to put in office than the man who seized 30 tanks at sea and wrangled three million dollars for them?

Hell, can we get him to be my Congressman?  A better class of crook would certainly do the House of Representatives some good…

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