Going On The Account: And Now, For A Different Approach…

Yes, the current book makes a few predictions as to what we might see, and yes, it hedges a little bit on when we might see this.

If you’d rather a different scenario with a hard timetable there’s the Director of National Intelligence‘s latest publication, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, which is willing to consider a range of options over and above rapid climate change and greater instability (although both get their due in the report).  Among the other possibilities for what’s to come include the emergence of trans-national megacities, the occurence of solar geomagnetic storms disrupting the economy, or the chance of an actual global thermonuclear war.

Talk about chips on both black and red numbers at the table…

The complete report is online, or can be downloaded via Kindle or iTunes.  I’m still looking to see if any of the “nonstate actors” they refer to here and there in the 150 or so pages fly a skull and crossbones; fingers crossed…

3 thoughts on “Going On The Account: And Now, For A Different Approach…

  1. Last night, I noticed a new series premiering on the Canadian SPACE network called ‘Borealis’. Set 30 years in the future where the polar ice caps have melted, people are fighting over the world’s last oil fields. I’ll bet we’ll see a few unconventional ‘pirates’ in that series. 🙂

  2. I actually saw a piece in passing about that show at io9.com back on the 10th; if it ever comes over to this side of the 49th, I’m certainly going to give it a look; in only took CONTINUUM a few years to come on over this side, so I’m hoping it’ll be before Kiddo heads to college…

    Honestly, though, you’d think in a time like ours when DOCTOR WHO is now same day in the US and UK, that we wouldn’t be facing this. It’s almost enough to make me want to move back to Buffalo in order to catch the stuff coming across the border these days,,,

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