Going On The Account: Blogtober – Taking It To Great Lengths

Welcome to the seventh day of  Blogtober, which  in concert with Speaker7 and Sips of Jen and Tonic looks for something to celebrate other than NaNoWriMo.


Though admitted, atop the decks here we have something else to celebrate…


And that should be the last we need to hear about that, barring as I write this any weird twists in the returns or good Donald Trump jokes (other than the man himself) for the nonce.


And that’s the long and the short of that.


Speaking of lengths, I recently started re-reading Olaf Stapledon’s LAST AND FIRST MEN, for a variety of reasons, and was struck by the following sentence from the work:


How from this pair of individuals [the first of the Fifth Men] the new population gradually arose; how at first it was earnestly fostered by its creators; how it subsequently asserted its independence and took control of its own destiny; how the Great Brains failed piteously to understand and sympathize with the mentality of their creatures, and tried to tyrannize over them; how for a while the planet was divided into two mutually intolerant communities, and was at last drenched with man’s blood, until the human automata were exterminated, the Great Brains starved or blown to pieces, and the Fifth Men themselves decimated; how, as a result of these events, a dense fog of barbarism settled once more upon the planet, so that the Fifth Men, like so many other races, had after all to start rebuilding civilization and culture from its very foundations; how all these things befel we must not in detail observe.


At a time like this, when people seem to expect the heavy minutiae in works like Martin’s SONG OF FIRE AND ICE and obsessively measure word counts as they do during NaNoWriMo, finding what could probably have been spun out over seven books of maybe 8,000 pages in total in a single dismissive sentence is like finding mastodon molars as you scoop peanut butter on your bread out of the jar.  It seems out of place, so against expectation, that you can’t continue for a few minutes util you’re able to process it.

I wish I could go into more detail, but it’s getting late here on the East Coast as the campaign finally winds down, which means I owe everyone something more substantial next time.

And boy, do I have a surprise…


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One response to “Going On The Account: Blogtober – Taking It To Great Lengths

  1. That is certainly the longest sentence I have ever read! It certainly would detract from the whole work as one tries to digest it – like trying to swallow a string of sausages whole! lol

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