Going On The Account: Taking Notice

Well, it’s time to spread the love, or to put it another way, Es ist Zeit, über eine weitere Auszeichnung übergeben

I have Susan Rocan at the bolg mywithershins.com to thank for presenting me with a Liebster Award.  No, I don’t know who started them either, sorry, but it’s always an honor to be singled out in such a manner.  All I know for sure is that “Leibster” is derived from the German lieb, for love, and that someone thought enough of my work efforts stuff to single me out.

According to the rules of the “organization” on receipt you should thank the person having so presented it to you (thanks, Susan; check), then answer the nominated questions and present eleven more…  Which could be difficult as Susan mentioned during her term of possession that the folks at wingsofwonder.com have already broken the rules as far as what’s expected of possessors of the honor.  Hopefully this will not lead to bad things for anyone, although that nasty rumor about Bashar al-Assad having messed up following the instructions when he passed on the Internet IronFistie Award does eat at the back of my mind…

Part of the issue is that by the time I received it there was a requirement to reveal a few things about yourself.  That’s sort of a problem, in that I had just given an interview that has not yet been published, and I don’t want to ruin that site’s traffic by spilling details that would end up there.  So, like a bad game of telephone or a very successful religion, I’m going to have to misinterpret the original intent even further and along with the eleven nominations, provide a few search terms in what is ultimately random order that show where my head is these days, leaving you to act like William Alland’s Jerry Thompson to put the pieces into a proper mosaic…

1)      Pirates

2)      Duke Joseph Ferdinand of Bavaria

3)      Buffalo, NY

4)      Pigeons

5)      Laura Secord

6)      Spiders

7)      Comic Books

8)      Writers

9)      States of Denial

10)   Beowulf

11)   History

You may start hating me for pulling this crap as soon as you finish your visits to these folks:

Sweet Mother

J. Keller Ford

Speaker 7


Let’s Get Digital

Sailing the Void

Rolling Down Rodeo

Ashley Jillian

Snotting Black

Storyteller In The Digital Age

Peter Denton – Writer

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