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Going On The Account: Write Away

So what am I reading to avoid doing any work tonight?

Well, for starters, there’s John Self’s piece from The Guardian about how individual fans can kick up a writer’s profile (recommended to me by Nathan Bransford’s blog).  It seems simple enough, going guerrilla to word of mouth your payload into as many ears as possible, then hope for it to translate into sales.


In my case, the current read I’d be doing this for would be Rob Reid’s Year Zero, a book with a Douglas Adams-esque eye on the way Big Music tries to fight pirates, suggesting a very funny sounding doom if we aren’t careful about how we apply USC: Title 17.  If our existence ever did depend on a copyright lawyer with the same name as a Backstreet Boy, at least we’d be able to laugh about it as the end came…




And when I’m not reading, I’m watching the short film Tangled Tales – Mr. Write.  This was forwarded to me by the Lovely and Talented Susan, who is a big inspiration for me; that said, I’m thinking that tonight, I sleep with one eye open…

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Going On The Account: Just Wind In Sails

Remember how a couple of days ago, I wanted to kick myself for not having made more of the potential for our dark future to be even darker because the electrical grid couldn’t be sustained in the face of droughts?  Well, it’s time to take a harder look now that we have a working example of this thanks to the Indian blackouts.  Of particular notice is this tidbit suggested in this piece:

Theories for the extraordinarily extensive blackout across much of northern India included excessive demands placed on the grid from certain regions, due in part to low monsoon rains that forced farmers to pump more water to their fields…

Oh yeah, time to reconsider a few assumptions…


Mind you, maybe I could talk my way through it with some BS-based salvation; yeah, maybe make like everyone listened to Thomas Dolby’s advice…


Oh don’t look at me like that!  Besides, I write about people on the seas aboard rigged vessels, so of course I’m going to suggest that…

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Going On The Account: Taking Another Pass At Ye

Many, many moons ago, oh, around 11:08 PM of July 16th, 2008, I wrote about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  You’ve all seen it, right?  Right…?


Well, if you haven’t, you have a chance to see it in the US on the CW.  It’s going to air Tuesday, October 9th an 9:00 PM EDT, so you have another opportunity to see one of the best examples of what happens when artists are allowed to present art directly to the masses, without an intermediary to thrust the control rods into their hearts…

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Going On The Account: Taking Notice

Well, it’s time to spread the love, or to put it another way, Es ist Zeit, über eine weitere Auszeichnung übergeben

I have Susan Rocan at the bolg to thank for presenting me with a Liebster Award.  No, I don’t know who started them either, sorry, but it’s always an honor to be singled out in such a manner.  All I know for sure is that “Leibster” is derived from the German lieb, for love, and that someone thought enough of my work efforts stuff to single me out.

According to the rules of the “organization” on receipt you should thank the person having so presented it to you (thanks, Susan; check), then answer the nominated questions and present eleven more…  Which could be difficult as Susan mentioned during her term of possession that the folks at have already broken the rules as far as what’s expected of possessors of the honor.  Hopefully this will not lead to bad things for anyone, although that nasty rumor about Bashar al-Assad having messed up following the instructions when he passed on the Internet IronFistie Award does eat at the back of my mind…

Part of the issue is that by the time I received it there was a requirement to reveal a few things about yourself.  That’s sort of a problem, in that I had just given an interview that has not yet been published, and I don’t want to ruin that site’s traffic by spilling details that would end up there.  So, like a bad game of telephone or a very successful religion, I’m going to have to misinterpret the original intent even further and along with the eleven nominations, provide a few search terms in what is ultimately random order that show where my head is these days, leaving you to act like William Alland’s Jerry Thompson to put the pieces into a proper mosaic…

1)      Pirates

2)      Duke Joseph Ferdinand of Bavaria

3)      Buffalo, NY

4)      Pigeons

5)      Laura Secord

6)      Spiders

7)      Comic Books

8)      Writers

9)      States of Denial

10)   Beowulf

11)   History

You may start hating me for pulling this crap as soon as you finish your visits to these folks:

Sweet Mother

J. Keller Ford

Speaker 7


Let’s Get Digital

Sailing the Void

Rolling Down Rodeo

Ashley Jillian

Snotting Black

Storyteller In The Digital Age

Peter Denton – Writer


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Going On the Account: RED JENNY Seventy Three

Part Seventy Three of RED JENNY AND THE PIRATES OF BUFFALO in now up, and may be read here.

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Going On The Account: Well Met Again

Starting yesterday, Brad Guigar’s EVIL INC.  brought back the-captain-known-only-till-now-as-the Buckanette.  We find out more about her this time around, mainly that she plies the space lanes and has the name Valerie Scarr.

(Nobody ask ed me, but if I’d had a vote, I’d have gone with Mary Anne O’Malley, just to get all three noted pirate ladies of old some representation here…)

Why bring her up here?  Hey, times are tough, and women in the Sweet Trade need to keep in touch these days…

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Going On The Account: What, Me Worried…? Um, Kinda…

Well, I have to admit, as I put together the notes for the current book, I was willing to imagine that I could have not considered everything as I looked at that time our children would know better.  Apparently, the idea of droughts leading directly to blackouts as Michael Webber points out in the NY TIMES fits in that category; there may be time to throw that in as things get even messier for Jenny…


Speaking of pirate messes, apparently the bulk of the action is now heading west, as attacks are down off Somalia but up around Nigeria.  Considering the similarities between the two theaters, in terms of instability ashore amid rampant poverty, there’s plenty to worry about; as the main difference between the two is that Nigeria is a member of OPEC, I’m damn near deep in insomnia…

Not a bad idea, that; got to get some sleep.  Suffering for your art is so pre-housing bubble…

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Going On the Account: RED JENNY Seventy Two

Part Seventy Two of RED JENNY AND THE PIRATES OF BUFFALO in now up, and may be read here.

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Going On The Account: What’s In A Name?

Forgive me if I get a little historical…


I was referred to a post by Speaker7 (a very funny writer) wherein there was a discussion of the War of 1812.  Which gets my interest, historian training that I had, especially as I spent a few days at Annapolis and Fort McHenry, where the war does have a certain resonance after all…


But what got me in the place I’m at this moment after was a snap I took on the grounds, in front of the Naval Academy Chapel :












The plaque discusses the anchors at the front of the Chapel and notes that they originally belonged to the USS New York, BB-34.  She was the leader of a new class of warship, one that promoted raw power and impenetrable defenses, and was going to change the face of naval war forever; had she been laid faster, her name would have described not just a new class of ship for the US Navy, but a whole new type of ship the world over.


An honor that went instead to the HMS Dreadnought, which made all ships that came after her mere reflections, to the point where any such vessel would be lumped under the name of “Dreadnought” in common usage.  As far as New York was concerned, we could build these kinds of ships, and boy did we build some good ones, but we couldn’t name them all after us, sorry.  Sure, we got to build the USS Monitor, the USS Missouri and the USS Constellation, but compared to naming rights it just seems, kinda hollow, y’know?


I mean, imagine what kind of a fun universe it might be if the phrase, “As tough as a New Yorker” had a much deeper meaning…





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Going On the Account: RED JENNY Seventy One

Part Seventy One of RED JENNY AND THE PIRATES OF BUFFALO in now up, and may be read here.

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Going On The Account: So It Is Written…

And as I try and catch up with the press this weekend between social obligations and artistic pursuits, including going to see OF DICE & MEN as performed by the Dysfunctional Theater Company in Williamsburg this weekend and for a few night thereafter, I come across a review of the ballet doing a dance version of  Lord Byron’s THE CORSAIR which is apparently a ballet one can catch online these days.

I don’t know about you, but any time when we can discuss dancing pirates with a striaght face must be considered a golden age..

Well, for the most part, anyway…



Which I guess comes to mind as I work on some side projects which with any luck nay get some professional consideration sooner rather than later; wish me luck as I mount a professional sale down the road…


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Going On The Account: RED JENNY Seventy

Part Seventy of RED JENNY AND THE PIRATES OF BUFFALO in now up, and may be read here.

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