Going On The Account: Time To Talk Of Many Things…

Well, I’m feeling better.


Yeah, big whoop…


So anyway, on to more important things:


I was not aware that there are seventy one pirates in custody aboard vessels of the Fifth Fleet on station.  Of course, we can’t do what the British used to do to pirates, or what the Russian Navy does now, but unless an effective alternative to a “catch and release” program is set up, then Combined Task Force 151 is going to be a long term deployment for everyone out there…


Speaking of pirates, Randy Mulholland, the creator of SOMETHING POSITIVE (which can be a bit NSFW, fair warning), is alerting people about fake Facebook apps being applied to his strip and others where the creator solicits a dollar to “keep the strip going” and then pockets the donation without the creator seeing a single penny.  I’ve seen a lot of false flag action and flim-flams aplenty, but this one really takes it.  If you see a work you like and one of these is attached to it, report the SOB and take him or her down.  Just because we write about pirates don’t mean we support stuff like this…

And BTW, if there’s ever a solicitation for money connected to my work, you’ll know it’s from me because I’ll offer something beyond vague promises in return for your generosity.  Yes, I’m still thinking a keepsake version of RAGING GAIL, sometime down the pike…

And while we’re discussing writers and their work, there was a disturbing piece about John Rozum discussing his turn as writer on DC’s STATIS SHOCK.  Executive summary version:  He was hired as the writer for the comic book, but ended up being ignored as the artist took over all the writing chores, leaving Rozum’s name on the masthead to get the blame when the book went down in flames.

Assuming everything here is on the level (and I’m enough of an SOB to consider the possibility that if I were him and wanted to deflect the blame, I’d cover my flanks hard too), the idea that a writer would be retained but left out in the open in favor of the artist doesn’t say much about the process or thinking behind the people putting together this work.  I’d hate to think the folks at DC Comics are creating a bad work environment, especially as they are so far behind the curve compared with the goings on at Archie Comics


Yeah, that was kinda low…

Thing of it is, with comics being such a visual medium, it’s easy to assume that the writer is not the main driver in the creation of the piece, or the one who keeps things going over the long haul.   Even to this day, over years of attending comic happenings, how hard it is to get noticed in the comics business if the only thing you can draw is your checking account down to zero, which we writers do with alarming frequency.  And it doesn’t help that it seems a lot of opening for writers in comics the last few years when they fill with outside people are folks with WGA cards in their wallets.  Some of the most watched plot lines in comics the last few years, involving Spider-Man, Superman, and Wonder Woman, were penned by the man who gave TV BABYLON 5.  Would filling the position for these three titles with someone else have ended up with a better result?  Who’s to say, but maybe expanding the pool out a bit wouldn’t have hurt, y’know…?

Staying in rant mode, I remember an event at New York Comic Con two years ago hosted by Buddy Scalera where he tried to get creators together and form partnerships, using the speed dating model.  And the number of writers who overwhelmed the room made us all feel like we’re putting spots in the “Men Seeking Women” section of the VILLAGE VOICE Classifieds.  I made a few connections despite the disparity, but it’s indicative of how the expectations work in that field, and why not everything reads like Alan Moore wrote it, because he can’t do 52 titles a month and they need someone to fill the position, which they may not be doing their best to find.

Oh, don’t look at me like that; I made it clear years ago that I would like to write comics; you just didn’t pay attention back then…


Well, to get off that tact, what may be of interest out there is that the South Street Seaport Museum is reopening soon.  When it does, I have to see if they added a few exhibits about New York’s pirate history; if so, I’ll write that up and share here.


Provided the above didn’t push you away that far…


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  1. I can relate to the poor writer, John Rozum, who didn’t get the credit for the comic he wrote – even though it didn’t get rave reviews. A writer friend of mine was asked by the producers of the LEX series to come up with a tell-all book about the making of the series, the characters, cast, etc. After over a year of research and writing, he connected with a couple of other people who said they had been approached for the same thing and was never offered a book contract or given any money for the research they had provided. So, I guess it’s not inconceivable that the same sort of thing happens in comic books. It is unfortunate when the people who are responsible for a project do not get paid or receive the credit they deserve – good or bad.

    PS. Thanks for the warning about the fake Facebook apps.

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