Going On The Account: Items Of Interest

I’m still reading the news, despite this stuffy head which makes me feel like my brain’s afloat in the midst of the Sargasso Sea…

First off, SEAL Team 6 went into Somalia to rescue an American and Danish aid worker from pirate kidnappers.  It’s the first (publicly known/acknowledged) action taken by Spec Forces on land there, and right now doing a lot better than Kenya’s Operation Linda Nchi.  It wasn’t exactly the Battle of Derne, though if you ever wanted to compare Barrack Obama to Thomas Jefferson, now it’s a lot easier to do…


Also catching my eye was an AP article about the Department of Agriculture changing the planting zone codes to reflect climate change’s effects.  What’s interesting per the piece is how during the last administration, there was considerable effort to not change the zone map, with the proposed changes from 2006 only now being adopted; just saying…

But not saying much more; my eyes feel like six pound shot being forced through a four pounder’s barrel every time I blow my nose.  And if you’re not so into the pieces above, then the last thing you want to hear is me go on about my health…

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