Going On The Account: Keeping Track of Things

There’s a post at Gizmodo where they do their own graphical representation of DTI’s World Conflict Map, 2012 Edition.  (And yes, the folks at Gizmodo are right when they say their version is way better than the original, from a graphic presentation level…)


The big consensus, of course, is that things off Somalia will continue while the Straits of Malacca are winding down.  But, that’s just assuming things continue trending ass they are now and that there are no surprises coming up.  Aviation Week acknowledges that their 2011 preview did not see NATO going after the Libyan government from the air.

Heck, Nostradamus missed it too, so hey…

Point is, they seem to think that for the next year, expect things to continue along, unless something unexpected happens.  Which may make some of you say, “So?”

But then, sometimes the obvious needs to be said…

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