Going On The Account: Our Pasts Coming After Us

Just saw a post in the news about the USDA closing 259 offices.  Making us one step closer to a time our children will know better

Speaking of both the past coming back to get you and shameless self-promotion, I got word from Aviva Rothschild that her site Rational Magic is being given some active attention by her again.  It’s a great repository for her writings about Broadway musicals, graphic novels (both those covered by her in her book The Comics Get Serious and titles that came out after publication) and the like.  Her novel With Strings Attached started here, as did  some of her other projects, including a “story franchise” where she set up the main parameters for the pieces and invited writers to contribute.


Which included a few pieces I’d done set at The Washington, a bar that has an atmosphere kinda like Callahan’s but a bit dingier; y’know, the way Bennigan’s was in its heyday when going head-to-head against Applebees‘…

In any event, it’s always good news when a site that  had been sitting still for a while starts to kick around again.  I’m looking forward to seeing the new material Aviva is going to host here after she careens Rational Magic and makes her seaworthy again.


And with any luck, maybe if I ask real nice, she’ll allow me to come aboard again…

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One response to “Going On The Account: Our Pasts Coming After Us

  1. Of course you’ll be coming on board! You’d damn well better be one of the first people up when I get the new subpage up and running!

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