Going on the Account: Reviewing the Log for Course

Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone the whole “trying to keep it as real as possible” route with my writing.


Sure, instead of doing research on historic time periods and digesting the latest climate science with an eye on extrapolating geopolitical and social effects thereof, I could have just as easily done a book about things in my past and turned it into a novel.  Easy peasy, no fuss or muss.


And then I’d be getting all sorts of praise for doing some interesting, maybe getting the kind of press Alexander Maksik got for You Deserve Nothing , or even a movie deal like Kathryn Stockett got for The Help.
And the good thing is, it all happened to me, so I can talk about what I was like the same way Maksik discussed his affair with an underage girl in his novel.  And maybe I can discuss my story like Stockett did, or at the least use someone else’s story to build my book and then cut them out in the end, and in the process be on the way to that big Time Book Review piece and maybe a film option for this work.


Yeah, of course there’s a few problems with doing that…


…like not having that interesting a life to pillage in the first place…


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