Going On The Account: Getting Back On the Beam

Forgive me a sec if I take a moment to whine a little…


I find myself coming back to the writing after a few days off, concentrating on the mundani mundo and doing all sorts of things to keep me from getting some stuff done.  I get a few moments to do some work, and I end up doing anything but work.  It gets so bad that when I, a person with a tendency to be lazy frankly, start to worry about my output, it’s a problem.

Sometimes you need to hit bottom, lose what you love most and go through some considerable pain and suffering to get yourself together.

Thankfully I didn’t.

For me, bouncing back came about from hearing this old song and seeing this piece in the TIMES about a performing couple at the Cafe Carlyle.  Would that all dry spells were this easy to come through, and there’s probably going to be some big Robert Johnson-esque moment down the road right before I get my big break, probably consisting of some work-for-hire for three romance novels due next week…

But still, I’m saving the first two links above for those not-moist-enough spells down the road.

I’m hoping you all have what you’re thankful for, and that you’re still moving forward with what you love.

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