Going on the Account: Some Frightening Reading

Yeah, it’s a little after Halloween for me to suggest scary reads; this has been the Year of Missing Holidays for me.


In any event, I did want to pass on some light reading to keep you awake at night…

…mainly this piece about the forthcoming International Panel on Climate Change’s report on extreme weather.  For anyone who doesn’t handle scary stuff well and needs spoilers to be able to deal with it, the main point the IPCC makes in the document is that one of the most dramatic impacts from climate change will be less the overall ambient effects than the increasing frequency of extremes.  Thus, we more often will see large storms, longer droughts, and plenty of items to add to NCDC’s Billion Dollar US Weather/Climate Disasters List more frequently.

Hell, coming right after Richard Muller switched sides, this  is not something to allow for a sound sleep.  Especially if you live south of the Mason-Dixon Line and can’t up and leave gracefully when it starts getting unbearable.  And yes, it’s likely; we’ve already experienced what happened the last time we had forced migration thanks to drought, and how that played out for decades to come, and there’s nothing to say we won’t see it again.

Sleep tight…

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