Going on the Account: Bobbing Above Water

Yeah, I’ve been out of contact for a while…


My main focus has been on making sure my son’s bar mitzvah got off the ground.  I’m happy to say that he made both Susan and I very proud.  I could go on and on about it, but frankly he did such a good job himself of explaining this, I’m just going to stand back and release my hand like I did when I was teaching him how to ride a bike…


OK, now that I’ve finished kvelling over him (save to point out that pics of the happening can be found via my Facebook page; yes, I share with friends, and no, I don’t bite, though many claim I suck…), a few small observations:


* Since last time I wrote here, Kenya has decided to try their hand in Somalia.  Yeah, remember how well that worked for us…?


* Didn’t get a chance to flag the extensive piece in the NY TIMES magazine where they talked to the Chandlers when it first came out.  Back then, there seemed to have been a lot less expectation when hostages were taken, which may be why they’re able to talk to the media now while Scott and Jean Adams were not so lucky.  Which is why I’m hoping that Bruno Pelizzari and Debbie Calitz fare as well or better than the Johansen family did last month.


* Gee, between us charging Canada $5 to enter the US and Marvel cancelling ALPHA FLIGHT again, it’s amazing they haven’t shot at us already…




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