Going on the Account: Trying to Leave the Doldrums

It’s summer, and even with a few less distractions about me than during the rest of the year it’s hard to stay still at the keyboard long enough to have something to say.  Progress on the new work is staying on track, but as far as getting some other projects put together as asides, we got el zippo here.

Maybe it’s the heat, some distractions both personal and obvious in the news (especially as it ties in to the new work), or that there’s been more decent movies to go to than summers past, but staying in the groove is always a tough thing.  In any event, I’m making an effort to produce here for the sake of putting some wind in the sails; forgive me if I start to ramble…

I admit, maybe needing some news to pass along would help.  They supposedly found Henry Morgan’s command ship from the Panama invasion, which is a good thing for historians of all interests.  Though the fact that the folks at Diageo had to pay the bills to finish the expedition, with the hope of brand identification coming out of it, plays on the mind a little.

Then again, that could be a great hook for a piece to write, about the scientists in the field having to deal with their corporate minders who find something amazing that the front office feels would be a great profile raiser.  And so out of greed and miscalculation, the Suits get the discovery back and try and brand it, which leads to disasterou-

Oh wait!  Sorry, it’s been done; please forgive me for reminding us…


At least the news there is better than it is from the southern end of the Horn of Africa.  It’s a horrible story that seems to be happening in silence, with not as much empathy being generated for the sufferers there.  Yes, Somalia is a major disaster that people have turned away from, but even by those standards this is pitiful.

Maudlin; not working as a motivator…

I remember years ago, doing a poetry reading where I had a lot of really heavy downer material that just poured out after 9/11, and feeling the room turn into a tomb.  I was thankful I saved something for the end to just keep that couple in the first row from using their pens to find an artery, so I may do something similar here:

This was from a program called The Money or the Gun, which I would have liked to have seen back in its day.  Funny how this never jumped the Pacific, yet we ended up instead with Mel Gibson…

Well, so much for not being maudlin…


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