Going on the Account: See Ye In the Funny Pixels…

There’s been a new storyline over at “Barwench Tales,” a sub-strip tied in to Dave Reddick’s LEGEND OF BILL, that’s of interest.

For those who read the above and are asking for a few definitions of terms, a sub-strip is a tie-in off the main story, using characters introduced in the main comic and building new tales around them.  Think of how BEVERLY HILLS 90210 begat MELROSE PLACE, THE COSBY SHOW led to A DIFFERENT WORLD, or ALL IN THE FAMILY gave us THE JEFFERSONS.

In this instance, Dave Reddick commissioned Jason Williams to take a character he created, Sarah the bar wench, and give the readers a weekly strip based on her adventures.  She’s a bit on the loco side and does as much damage as the Golden Horde, which after her last adventure puts her in mind to take a vacation.

So we find her and her boyfriend on the beach, where they are set upon by a crew that shows them their ratty galleon and finally ends up at…


Well, words can’t do this place justice.


Now this looks to be the place to drop anchor for many a desperate crew.  Hey, Tortuga hasn’t been the same since they did that TRAVEL + LEISURE piece on it…

This looks like it’s going to be a good payoff coming here for those following folks in the Sweet Trade.  Now’s the time to come aboard on this strip.

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