Going on the Account: Rough Seas Ahead

If you are a pirate, as in an actual pirate, things are not looking so good these days:

  • Mohammad Saaili Shibin has been indicted for his role in the S/V Quest debacle.  A negotiator for Somali pirates and a go-between to arrange ransoms, he faces charges of piracy, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and use of a destructive device during a crime of violence, and is the highest-ranking pirate (as far as structure can be applied to the organization) to go before a US judge.
  • Pirate actions have recently been broken up by the HMAS Stuart, capturing 15, and Denmark’s Esbern Snare, capturing a further 15.

Even with two successful ransom drops and a doubling in activity off Somalia over the same quarter last year, these aren’t what you’d call carefree days over there.  The pressure’s on, with more money flowing through the captors’ hands drawing in a new breed of pirates (see: “The brutality escalates”)  who are behaving down to the worst level expected, while an increased armed presence may actually be making matters worse as more hot fire incidents make the pirates more likely to make reckless choices as they did when they seized the S/V Quest.

Things are going to get a lot messier, especially as the best remedy for addressing the issue, rebuilding society inSomalia, takes a back seat again to other concerns around the world.


It’s hard to find something to laugh at in the face of such depressing prospects.  Case in point: Russell, the Internet Pirate that was created by YouTube to educate users on IP issues.

Russell:  Worst.  Pirate.  Ever.

I’ll let the little barnacle-brain do his own hempen jig; nothing I could say could really add/alleviate that anyway…


As far as pirate creations go, before I got my kit packed to go the Buffalo, I did put the final touches on that revisit I’d mentioned earlier.  Soon, very soon…

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