Going on the Account: What We Want Versus What We Get

By now, everyone’s watching with some varying levels of interest the fight over the US Federal budget, which as of this moment looks like it will lead to a shutdown of nonessential services.


Of particular interest here are the riders on the budget inserted by the House of Representatives to hamstring the EPA.  Funny how this is being thrown into what on the surface is supposedly a fight over budgets…


Seeing this while reading about the effects of a US government shutdown puts me in an odd position.  Discussing a slow-burning collapse of civilization in my second work, I suddenly have a lot more gist to assist with the detailing on the world building that had so far gone into it.  It’s one thing to say that non-essential services would no longer be offered by a government that claims to be in debt and willing to get out of the governing business what they consider some of their citizens’ lives, but to live through it again (with memories of 1995 still fresh) and have first hand experience to fact check it, along with some major environmental discard themes to boot, makes me probably the only person who could actually benefit from a government shutdown.


So why do I feel so bad about being given such a gift…?



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