Going on the Account: Singing Out

There’s a lot that’s been said about why pirates are such touchstones in Western culture.  Lord knows, I’ve practically talked circles around the subject the last few years to the point where I’m close to running out of justifications.


Thankfully, there’s this wonderful declaration made by Jeff MacKay on YouTube that’s worth sharing:




My hat’s off to the man:  Between the screenplay and the pirate goods business, his commitment to the Sweet Trade is indisputable.  And if you go back and look at some of what I’d said given half a chance, we’re pretty well on the same heading here.


It’s good to have someone do so eloquent a job on behalf of the vested ideals.  And if after that, you still don’t quite get it, I’d love to know what it’d take short of receiving the Black Spot for you to get aboard…


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2 responses to “Going on the Account: Singing Out

  1. Thanks James, for spreading my words. I am happy to know that you share the feeling and have been convincing people over the years, to show their Pirate Soul, and live their Pirate Life. Huzzah Brother!

  2. Rebecca

    Awesome! Thank You!

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