Going on the Account: Things to Come

Tow items of interest, linked only by the fact that I found them simultaneously and put them both into one post…


* The film story of Richard Phillips‘ captaincy aboard the MV Mersk Alabama during her fateful encounter with Somali pirates is proceeding apace, with Tom Hanks cast as Phillips.  Which, the harder you think about it, is probably the only solid course to take; compare any interview of Phillips with any of Hanks’ work, and suddenly no other actor makes sense in the role.


And who knows, with what may be a new flood of pirate films following May 20th, something different in the mix of copycats would be welcome…


* There’s an article by Samson, Berteaux, McGill and Humphries in Global Ecology and Biogeography that suggests an interesting way to examine climate change, taking into account likely impact versus projected population density increases.  According to the abstract, they make mention of the fact that populations contributing the least to environmental changes will more likely suffer the worst of it.


My big quibble is the way the data is presented, it seems to downplay the changes to be wrought in areas facing what they consider the least disruption.  Yes, there are groups in Africa and the Middle East that will see greater impact from changes in the environment, but the folks in Europe, China and the US aren’t exactly going to be able to ignore what goes on; if anything, the study seems to not take into account some of the complexities of what used to be called First World standards of living and how the inevitable disruptions to those areas will play out there.

I was going to come up with something pithy to use as a simile, but with so much disaster, horrific events and other disheartening cumbersome distractions, it’s tough to stay focused and creative without coming across as a jerk.  Which I may well do anyway regardless, but then there’s no reason to compound the errors to the nth degree…

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