Going on the Account: Setting Sail Again!

As hinted/whispered/threatened over the last few weeks, I have started a new project, which I now invite you to read.



Red Jenny and the Pirates of Buffalo

So, you ask, what the…?


In some ways, this had been a distraction that almost threatened Raging Gail a few times.  At one point, I considered an April Fool’s chapter that had Abigail and her crew plying the waters off Mogadishu; cooler heads prevailed, however, but like all ideas you can’t ever un-think them…


What I’m doing here is both an advance and a return, in that I wanted to go back to doing speculative works which I’d done for some time before Raging Gail became the main focus of my output.  I do enjoy working with historical elements, but I miss doing what I started out with, and can’t really stay away from that very long.    As the subtitle of the work is, “A Novel of Consequences,” it’ll become fairly apparent how things ended up going the way they did, and why the Sweet Trade is being practiced in Western New York…


I’m going to post once a week with this one; my IRL commitments have increased dramatically as I start this, while the time needed for world building for this piece has made me appreciate how much easier it is working with a setting in the past.  Not to disparage other historical writers, but there’s a big difference between researching existing sources for set dressing in the past versus coming up with a plausible few details for a fresh setting.


My hope is that you will enjoy the new venture much as you did the previous novel.  As always, I welcome your feedback as the work unfolds, and invite you to board for a new voyage!

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