Going On the Account: On the Shoals

Some days it’s tough to get even a few words on paper.


I started to go on a rant here about all the things a non-full-time writer has to go through before getting to the writing, too burned out from all the other stuff to do any writing, but really what’s the point?  You can’t type about that without coming off as whiny and self-centered, which I think every human being has a tendency to slide into now and then, and maybe has an inalienable right to over-indulge in egocentric manias for the sake of well balance, but who wants to read that crap?  You know it’s bad if you’re reading your own stuff and going, “Keelhaul that f’n’ wuss!” as you read it…


So yeah, this is sort of a low point right now.  I’m hoping to get a new project ready to go by the beginning of March, and there’s a lot of neurotic self-doubt preying on me as I get the final touches together to launch, all sorts of devastating distractions to keep me from getting anything done.


Then I read about Diane Duane’s self-publishing project falling apart, followed by J. L. Smith getting fired from her own series THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES, and then my problems get resized in perspective…


…and seem even more like self-indulgent crap!


*sigh*  Well, back to the rowing bench on the galley…


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One response to “Going On the Account: On the Shoals

  1. esj


    not to mention the explosion of rebel tales caused by fraudulent activities on a part of, I think, a potential editor for the project.

    By the way, Holly is an amazing person as far as I can tell from her blogs and postings. She doesn’t deserve crap like that.

    I’m stalled because I doubt my ability to write. It’s hammered by a whole host of other worries I don’t need to mention. It’s really crippling my ability to write and I suspect he or suffering from a bit of the same if I interpret your writing correctly.

    like Holly, you don’t deserve the noise, the crap that gets in the way. Neither do I. nobody does. our words carry too much to be hidden.

    I’ve mentioned my stories before, and have been procrastinating pushing them out to the world. Hope you enjoy this story, two roses. https://acrobat.com/#d=mQrKkgeFsImlU*Fw7DwStg

    Oh yes, you will need flash.

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