Going on the Account: Drama At Sea With New Actors!

Word was received of the second action by Indian forces to liberate vessels held by Somali pirates.  This came only a few weeks after South Korea made its own rescue of one of its seized vessels.


Seems that what got noticed here back in October of 2009 is definitely preceding apace, with nations that had not been considered before when discussing states with effective far-presence navies are now coming up on the news with stories of successes to tell.  It’s interesting to see how many nations we don’t immediately think of when we consider deep water action are out there with CTF 150 trying to make the waves safer.


It’s also interesting to see by the end of this (which at this rate may be about the time my unborn grandkids go to college) who ends up being the go-to state in the future when security at sea is threatened.  The Somali situation may be a barometer as to who ends up being the preeminent naval power, not so much by who can amass the biggest armada  but who can use their ships to best effect, much the same way the debate about big-sized firms versus small start-ups has been playing out.



It’s also of interest because it does dovetail into my next work…  Which is coming together at its own pace, and Lord willing I can start sharing very soon with you…


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