Going on the Account: An Ill Dry Wind…

There’s word that drought has visited Somalia, making a bad situation worse.


One thing not mentioned in Valarie Amos’ assessment is what this means to the New Brethren of the Coast:  In all likelihood, the pirate bands are going to have a lot more people volunteering to go on the account.  It’s not enough now that these bands offer riches; the promise of food may be an even greater motivator now…


And boy, is there enough to go around off the coast.  With the crisis in Egypt threatening to shut the Suez Canal, and possibly threatening the equally-if-not-more-important Sumed pipeline, a lot of traffic that might have gone through the Red Sea will now have to sail past them.  More pirates, more targets, not a good combination…


The next few months could get very messy…


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