Going On the Account: Crime Pays, Quite a Bit…

This evening, the BBC is reporting on the findings of a study by Chatham House that maritime piracy worldwide costs the global economy between $7 billion and $12 billion dollars a year.


For the sake of comparison, the government of New York State was projected last month to run up a deficit close to $11 billion.   If all the pirates in the world chipped in 2% of their earnings, they could afford to buy Lady Gaga if Forbes figures are right.  And if they had forgone the cheep entertainment, they could conceivably purchase a post-R&D Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier to conduct more mayhem with…


Excuse me, need a minute; still digesting the mental picture of Lady Gaga being purchased…  Hey, I have weaknesses…


Anyway, getting out of the gutter and back on topic:  I’m not sure what’s more staggering, the actual sums pirates are acquiring with more purchasing power than the old Spanish Empire could ever hope to muster, or that such amounts only come to 7% of just US exports according to the US Department of Commerce, which would explain why this has come to pass;  as a small portion of the global economy, said amount could be passed off as a “price of doing business,” which means the will to fight piracy is just not there.


And that’s unfortunately a very human trait, in that we tend to wait for something bad to happen at too high a cost before we deal with it.  Some of the soul-wringing and finger-pointing attached to the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy is endemic of how people react to a bad situation:  With too little and often applied in the wrong measure.


(This particular matter, BTW, has weighed heavily on me for reasons that are beyond this discussion, and which I may or may not address at a later time.  It has to do with violence as depicted in my work, both present and planned…)


Which slouches back towards the beginning here; the figures discussed above is also discussed in a study by the One Earth Future Foundation, entitled Oceans Beyond Piracy, which is online with details.  It’s a plan that involves building coalitions and coordinating activities to fight the root causes, which of course means that no one’s going to sign up on this and carry it out.  Again, too little on the wrong course…


I’ve pointed out too many times before, how eternal piracy is.  And this report shows us, just how much longer we’re going to have to have it in our lives…

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