Going on the Account: Give Him A Few Points for That!

I saw this morning the latest installment of Aaron Williams’ Full Frontal Nerdity.  Boy, did I really need a good joke right now, and the punchline really hit me in the right spot.


As you’ve probably surmised from reading the blogroll early on, yes, I spent a lot of time with RPGs when I was younger.  (Why not now?  With everyone moving to MMOs and most apartments in New York not big enough to host many groups, well…)  I still have my moments, finding my way down to my old gaming store the Complete Strategist now and then; much like the sea herself, gaming can get into the blood and never really leave it…


Still, if there’s anyone out there within a commutable distance that wants to run a session of the game Aaron’s characters are going to try, we’ll talk…

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