Going on the Account: Stranger Tides, Indeed!

Today, the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides went online.


I gotta say, I’m less wary of the film than I was hearing about it during production.  Ian McShane’s Blackbeard looks a lot better than I imagined he would look, Penelope Cruz’s character fits the bill as far as expectations for a swashbuckling woman go, and Keith Richards is back, which is kind of a plus…


And yeah, they kept that actor from the first few in it too, Johnny-whatzit…


Joke, I kid!  Depp looks like he’s vamping it up royally.  Yes, I said “vamping,” as he himself did…


My one big-ish issue is in the end credits, where they state the film is “Suggested by the Novel by Tim Powers.”  Frankly, I think Power’s book is in danger of getting short shrift here.  I’d be less inclined to gripe if the movie makes the folks at Disney or another studio more likely to bring The Anubis Gates to the screen;  hopefully that process won’t be like checking into the Hotel Earle to write for Capitol Pictures…


Still, come May 20th, we’ll see how the tide goes then!

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