Going on the Account: Speaking of Upcoming Endings…

I got word of this article concerning the end of the run of Brenda Starr, Reporter.  Her last strip will be run on January 2nd, shortly after this novel closes.


What makes this piece of news of interest is this fact about Dale Messick’s first effort at breaking into comic strips:


“A first submission [to the comic syndicates], centered on a female pirate, was rejected.  But Messick rallied with star reporter Brenda, the definition of a career-woman even before that term came into vogue.”


So in other words, Messick could have had a red-headed she pirate sailing the seas as of 1940, and Tribune Media could have slapped me down silly for infringing on their work!


I am so glad I dropped that character with the eye patch before I got under sail…


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