Going on the Account: Return to the Sea

One of the big Wikileaks revelations that got press attention in the TIMES concerns Blackwater’s pirate hunting operation that was being proposed back in late 2008.


Gee, where did I hear about that before…?


I don’t want to pull a Nikki Finke here, but c’mon!  I’m reading about this through a Gawker article, and suddenly a strong sense of deja vu hits me like a six pounder round shot at only 20 yards.  When I suddenly realized that I may have scooped a few big-name journals out there, that was an invitation for Pride to pop up and make itself as welcome as that soliciting phone call during dinner…


Maybe I can afford a little boasting, with me starting to look back on things now, especially as I come to the close of the novel.  There’s only seven more chapters to post before we hit the end, but I don’t see “Going on the Account” going silent when that happens.  There’s still plenty to talk about, such as the modern adventures of pirates, and as many thoughts as I can muster about writing and life as the traffic will bear.



Oh, and to announce postings for the new work, when they come online, too…




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