Going on the Account: Sooner Than Ye Thought…

Yes, on occasion, I do gush so about pirates in space.  Some call it a weakness, some a silly fancy.  And I think most folk don’t think much about it at all, because the idea of pirates actually going to space is so far off in the future.


Or maybe not…


There’s word out there from TorrentFreak that Pirate Parties International are considering the daring plan of hosting a torrent site on a satellite.   Which means that the digital pirates out there providing content they’re not allowed to offer will build their own Tortuga travelling in geosynchronous orbit overhead, from where you can download pirated music and movies, supposedly free from interference from rights holding lawyers because of the extraterritoriality afforded by being in orbit.


If you thought the US went crazy when they found out about Sputnik, you can imagine what’s going on at the RIAA‘s in-house counsels’ offices…


Then again, assuming that the argument about being in orbit gives you territorial immunity, which may not be the case (considering how many agreements have drafted language to cover such instances), the pirates have going against them the fact that being outside the law of any nation they fly over, they therefore are denied any of the protections from those same states.  Which means anyone with an ASAT capability could do to their haven what the earthquake of 1692 did to Port Royal.  And if the Russians will convey astronauts for a fee, who’s to say they might not use their own ASAT systems on your behalf if you have the means?  And who knows, their rate might be cheaper than racking up lots of billable hours in litigation filing…




And maybe you’re asking:  Is he bringing up space pirates again because that’s the main element of the next work he’s doing after this novel’s finished?


Maybe not; I do have something I’m working on that I’d love to share, but not necessarily that.


I can say, it’ll have pirates, and that it will be set in the future.


But it’s not a space opera.


What it is, that’ll have to come a little later; have the watch look sharp for her, soon…

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