Going on the Account: Looking At Pirates…

The buccaneers of the Modern Age of Piracy have been pretty busy this year, as this round up supplied by ECO²TERRA demonstrates.  Their latest figures have 26 ships and a barge under captivity, on this the first anniversary of the seizing of the Chandlers.  Whatever else transpires in Somalia, this act alone is not going to be forgotten or forgiven for some time; the sooner a resolution to this the better…


And for those who thought that all pirates these days speak only Somali, there’s a report of pirates boarding a sailboat off Costa Rica.  Some habits die harder than others, probably…


And for those looking for pirates in different areas altogether, Adrian Hon discusses digital piracy among ebooks.  Inevitable, yes, and surprisingly slow in coming (I’d have thought someone else would have raised the alarm months before now), but if you want to be a pirate but don’t fancy boats, well here’s an opportunity…



And speaking of things that need doing, I have to cut this short; not only am I finishing this novel,  but getting started on the next project as well.  As is everyone else, I’m also looking at pirates, in this case the new crew…



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