Going on the Account: Signals to Sight

New York Comic Con

Yes, it’s that time again, to be going on the account amidst the folks at Comic Con.  I enjoy getting a chance to meet other creators at this event, online and otherwise.  Real time encounters with other online content creators whose works I’ve admired out here on the Internet, alongside writers and artists and actors I’ve both known for years and enjoy getting an introduction to, is a joy to embrace.


And like the buccaneers, I will be plying the lanes, calling on ports a’plenty to meet folks at their tables.  And while they’re (hopefully) looking forward to seeing me, I’d also like to meet some of you as well.  Over the entire con, I intend to be there every day, enjoying all it has to offer.


To that end, before I hit the con each day, I will post here and through my Facebook profile what colors I’ll be sailing under, i.e., what shirt I’m wearing.  Hopefully it’ll help anyone who wants to to find me and tell me off say hi.


I look forward to meeting anyone else going to NYCC this year.


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