Going on the Account: Variety is the Soul of Pleasure…

For those who can’t get enough of such adventures as these, there’s going to be upcoming performances of the play The Empress of the Moon, a play inspired by the life of Aphra Behn.  As the play promises a cast of six women and extensive sword fighting, there’s an obvious cross-promotional element involved here…

Seriously, for a moment, what better figure can a novel about women swashbucklers in the 17th century cite than Aphra Behn?  In addition to supporting herself by writing, she was also a spy for Charles II against the Dutch; in fact, when she came in out of the cold, the King took his time to pay her for services rendered, leading her to start writing while waiting for her money.  You could probably claim that among her many accomplishments, she served as a great template for Ian Fleming to follow a few hundred years later…

So of course something like this might be of interest enough to make you run for the box office at the Iron Age Theater in Philadelphia to purchase a ticket for one of the six performances.  How could you miss a play filled with women with swords, after all…?

Or you can catch the livestreaming of opening night which will be hosted at io9.com on Friday, August 13th, starting at 2000 hrs EDT.  Which means you have a few less reasons not to attend…

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