Going on the Account: In the Doldrums…

There’s lots of things we don’t want to do in life that no matter how hard we try, we end up having to do anyway.

Like my announcing an unplanned hiatus.

I can rattle off a couple of reasons for having to come up here and say sorry, and a few of those might actually be good.  But it’s probably better to be as straightforward as any blowhard writer can muster the ability to and give it to you straight.

The big issue right now is how to wrap things up.

This isn’t to say that I don’t know how to end the novel.  I have a very definite ending, with a few crucial elements already written out and blocked in the order they should occur.  And the first few efforts to tie them together into a conclusion were tried.

And the result was, well, disappointing.  After all the build-up, all those nautical miles sailed, the end didn’t seem worth that effort.  When I cut the fat that slowed the pace, I ended up with a very short ending that was more direct than Hemmingway writing to deadline with seconds to spare, only not as good as Papa could make it, sorry.

I needed to rethink how these come together, what stays in beyond the absolute necessary, what helps pace the plot.  And to do that, I need to reef the sails, drop anchor and moor myself for a bit.

The plan right now is to go no more than a week.  If things go as they should and I can convince family and friends to give me a few moments to collect myself without distraction, I should be able to get things moving towards an ending that will make the read worth it.

I will of course keep an eye on the place, post here as necessary and reply to comments as warranted, so this ship will still have a hand on the tiller.  I will be back, with any luck no more than a week away.

After all, I can’t just leave this novel without giving you all an ending, right…?



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4 responses to “Going on the Account: In the Doldrums…

  1. esj

    I understand where you are. I like to think I’m a halfway decent story Dr. Feel free to use my e-mail and say hi if you want to bounce around some ideas

  2. Thanks for the offer, but some things you have to take on yourself. I appreciate that, though.

  3. esj

    believe me, I understand. I don’t like people touching my stories but I do submit them to review fuse and about one comment in the three is absolutely precious. for example, the story called “pumpkin”. A reviewer pointed out a flaw in one of my characters and then went on to give me completely wrong ways of changing it but, I was able to see past the unnecessary rewrites and focus on what was wrong with the character which made my own rewrites come out much better.

    What I frequently found is that even wrong suggestions tell you where you want to go because your repulsion to idea gives you useful data as well.

    The offer stands to give you meta- feedback that you probably will find useful and a bunch of detail stuff which you are free to ignore. 🙂

    pumpkin: https://acrobat.com/#d=Cf5SfALsasCsG6gVGQS-hg (needs flash)

  4. Thanks for sharing the story. It’s a great piece that I hope finds a good home.

    I agree with the whole even-bad-data’s-better-than-no-data idea. Or was that publicity…? Either way, getting any sort of feedback helps put you in a reflective place that even if you reject the input still helps sharpen your critical eye.

    I had a story that went through Workshop Hell before it got published that mostly got a lot of WTFs as opposed to any reasonable critiques. The end result of the process was to just allow me to accept without worry what I had, and it seemed to go over pretty well when it got out there…

    I Read the News Today: http://www.rooftopsessions.com/ReadNews.htm

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