Going on the Account: Set Sail With an Eye Atop the Mast…

There’s a post over at io9.com about the CG film on Captain Harlock.

Pirates.  In space.

And this doesn’t get you fired up why…?

Think about it:  Two of the great American mythic themes, pirates (the originators of the work ethic and blind belief in market forces that made the New Word the inspired and sexy place we think we inhabit), and going into space (the hope that our core ideal about having a frontier we can turn to for escape and exploitation will always be there and not have died the day we admitted Arizona into the union [February 14th, 1912]), combined together and updated for a new generation.  What’s not to get hot and bothered for?

Yes, it’s a Japanese property with a long history, that hopefully won’t get as bad a treatment as the effort to update ASTRO BOY did.  With any luck, when it gets sent over here to us giajin we’ll appreciate it for what it is, telling a familiar story with cutting edge tools that hopefully won’t lose the power of the original as we receive it.

Pirates.  In space.  And this is not worth noting why…?

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