Going on the Account: Arrrrr! Esssss! Teeeeee!…..

As part of the news about SoapNnet becoming Disney Junior, there was passing mention about this new channel becoming the home of the new educational series JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES.

On the one hand, having a pirate version of Dora and Diego teaching kids how to play with each other sounds laudable on the surface.  And I’m sure as heck not going to discourage people from creating pirate properties, no sir.

Then again, what better way to get kids to learn teamwork than having them go on the account out in the playground or park?  And do we really need to see Disney’s version of Captain Hook and Smee as stand-ins for Swiper and the Bobo Brothers?

Can tell I have a kid much…?
And for the extra-observant amongst you, anyone else on seeing the characters mentioned above started to notice something as of Part the Two Hundred Twenty Fourth…?

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