Going on the Account: A Tale of Two Justices

Sometimes the dichotomy can be striking.

On the one hand, Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse pled guilty to hijacking the Maersk Alabama last year, and is looking at a minimum of 27 years for the two charges he pled on.  (He was facing six counts, but as part of the plea deal four were dropped.)  His mother, as would any mom out there (I hope), is pleading for leniency for her son, stating that what happened to her baby was too harsh.

Then again, Jay Bahadur pointed out (via the BBC) that the ten pirates repelled after trying to storm the Moscow University, who were released after the attack due to “insufficient legal grounds” for a trial, were condemned to a rubber boat with no navigational equipment and left to the mercy of the Indian Ocean, most likely to die at sea.  Looking for mercy from the Indian Ocean is a lot like looking to get Geena Davis to sign on for a sequel to CUTTHROAT ISLAND; given a choice, I’d put the better money on being in the dingy…

Two radically different ways to deal with pirates; only the luck of the draw in choosing whom to go after sealed these crews’ fates.  Such is how Fortuna dances with pirates…

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