Going on the Account: Action Ashore

Word comes this morning that Hizbul Islam has seized Haradhere.  The action by this Somali Islamic insurgent group, it is assumed, will disrupt the pirate trade and bring it to an end at least temproarily.

With all the money to be made in the Sweet Trade, this seems like a short-lived reprieve.  A profile on life in Haradhere from 2008 should give pause to anyone that thinks that an operation that’s this rich could be offline for long.  When Woodes  Rogers offered the King’s Pardon in 1709, it would take some time for the most hardened (and most infamous) Brethren of the Coast to end their runs, often not by choice, which should sever as an indicator as to how strong the lure of piracy is and a warning to not assume too much coming from this.

Remember too that Hizbul Islam is one player in a multi-party civil war, which means that the pirates of Haradhere have a few options open to them if they decide to become privateers…


As an extra, while pulling up data for this piece, I came across a chronological category page devoted to piracy in Wikipedia.  It makes for an interesting organization tool for those who want or need something to help keep it all straight.


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