Going on the Account: Striking the Colors, Indeed!

In terms of anti-piracy efforts on the intellectual property front, the one part of the entertainment industry that is really taking it on the chin apparently is the adult entertainment business.  It’s gotten so bad that their trade group, the Free Speech Coalition, has put together a couple of PSAs (one of which could be considered NSFW by some of the more stringent sysops out there) explaining their objections to pirating their work.

Somehow, with adult entertainers pleading against pirates, there’s got to be a gut check going on in most viewers.  (And if you read that last bit about “adult entertainers pleading against pirates” and are thinking something a bit more colorful and direct…  Go find your own damn links for that!)  How you feel about ‘adult’ fare coming into contact with how you react when working folk get their livelihood seized and boarded is up to you, but in all likelihood it’s not going to be something you just go ‘Meh’ at and move on.  Do you take a position about their wares that makes it difficult to sympathize with them?  Do you swallow your embarrassment in stringent defense of all creators of IP being ripped off?

You don’t want to be glib about comparative analogies between modern pirates (maybe post-modern considering the involvement of virtual goods) and Golden Age pirates, but there’s one area that does draw some parallels: parts of the Triangle Trade.  Different pirates of that age reacted to slavery in varying ways; the crew of the Whydah had John Julian as her pilot, while other crews would sell seized slaves if they could.  There were probably gut checks expected every time a crew found human cargo and had to decide what to do then.

Again, a direct connection between these two is at best a major stretch; some may think it in bad taste.  The sad truth is, when it comes to dealing with the Sweet Trade, it’s never that clear-cut or pretty when pirates are involved, no matter how much romance you have enrobed it in.

…and stop asking for “adult entertainers pleading against pirates” links; get your mind off that tact!

Going on the Account: What Do You MEAN, There’s No Ransom…?

Word hit the wires today that a recent presidential order might make it illegal to pay pirate ransoms to Somali pirates.  Somehow, I have a feeling that this won’t be as well enforced by DoJ, as this looks more to be a form of unintended consequences out of other directives.

The likelihood in any event is that monies for ransom are more than likely going to go into buying iPods, considering the assault Somali radio stations are under these days…

Going on the Account: Part the Two Hundred Thirtieth, Before Careening

Part the Two Hundred Thirtieth of RAGING GAIL is now up, and may be read here.  I put it up early today to make up for an unplanned temporary hiatus.

Without going into too many details, the book is going to need a week off while other more pressing matters get tended to.  I don’t mean to leave people high and dry here, but sometimes forces beyond your control come at you harder and faster than you can adjust to, and this is one of those times.  I’m anticipating that by the 19th things will be back to (what passes for) normal around here, when the tale heads into its climax.

Until then, hoist one for me.