Going On The Account: Taking to Space in Ships

I just heard about a new Captain Harlock movie coming in 2012, via WIRED.  Color me interested.

If this isn’t making you smile a little on the inside, I’m assuming you’re not aware of the character:  Harlock is one of the most famous space pirates ever to have his adventures chronicled.  A history of the character at Anime News Network gives some sense as to the long production history and the international reach of his adventures, and provides some sense of the appeal of the character.

Of course, one of the driving memes behind the whole concept is the combination of two strong thematic elements, swashbuckling and space opera.  Which is just me using a few over-priced words to say, “Space pirates are cool!”  And let’s face it, if you like either genre tag separately, getting them both together in one well done property is going to make your day.

And for those of us awaiting this film (which despite being done this time around in CG is apparently getting good notices) who want their buckles swashed in zero-G now, there are some good online tales to keep you happy:

Greyhawk and the Starbucklers of the Caribbean by Mark R. Largent & Mark McCrary

–         I’ve already sung Largent and McCrary’s praises before for their main strip, and can’t say enough good about their strips.  Their space opera was actually done years before their current main project, THE WANNABE PIRATES, and as of this writing there’s a crossover going on between the two.  Apparently, right now at that site, in space everyone can hear you laugh…

Phoebus Krumm by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser

–         Probably one of the most unique space-set swashbuckling tales out there.  Because the technology for space travel involves using forcefields to collect solar winds for propulsion, the series feels closer to a traditional pirate tale than most stories set in space.  With the artist who made ODYSSEUS THE REBEL such a delight, this title is worth getting into.

Celeste the Pirate by Lily Mountjoy and Peter Prellwitz

–         The tale here is set in the Caribbean, true, but thanks to Celeste’s trips through the fourth dimension, which in an Einsteinian cosmology allows for the existence of the concept of Space-Time and the movement through same as equitable with deep space travel, I’m giving her a pass…

And if somehow these aren’t going to do it for you, there a handy list of space pirates courtesy of Wikipedia, which like many such lists there is probably incomplete, and in any event not everyone reading it (like me) has had time to experience.  So, if you have any recommendations to offer here, hailing frequencies are open…

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