Going on the Account: Assembled on Deck (Round-Up)

A round-up of articles of interest:

  • Paul and Rachel Chandler may soon be released after the pirates holding them come up with a new lower ransom.  There’s only so long a hostage can be held before the expense outweighs the value; much like any acquisition, depreciation sets in after a while until your hostage is further underwater than your home in Nevada…
  • Part of the pressure they may be feeling comes from the recent action of the USS Farragut capturing eight pirates, rescuing a Tanzanian ship.  This is part of a string of victories for Task Force 151 as of late, where interdiction has brought pressure to bear on the region.
  • Speaking of getting ahead on things, there’s supposition that Störtebeker’s missing skull may be in the hands of the Hamburg Hell’s Angels.  I can sort of see why they may make that claim; cycle gangs have tried to evoke the terror that pirates had inspired as part of their image, and Hamburg has been trying to clean up their image ever since the Beatles played the Reeperbahn, so it makes sense to pin this on them.  A little far-fetched based on what little evidence there is, but hey, it moves electrons…  (Thanks to the site Bilgemunky.com for flagging this one.)
  • Some casting rumors coming out regarding PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, naming Penelope Cruz as well as Ian McShane as Blackbeard.  On the one hand, I can’t really see McShane as Edward Teach; most accounts bring to mind a taller, leaner gentleman than McShane.  On the other, it makes the supposition that the movie will follow the Tim Powers novel of the same title more believable.  And to be honest, Penelope Cruz in a pirate film is not something I’d complain about, believe me…

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