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Going on the Account: A New Course to Plot…

I’ve probably made it clear that I have sympathies for the self-published.  

Now it looks like Peter Broderick is promoting this ethos to film makers as well.

There’s actually a few good points made here as far as a new model for film distribution that could be applied to any work where the workers have seized the means of production artist has taken on the task of overseeing getting the work out to the audience.  It may not be a clean point-for-point conversion for applying his assumptions about Old World vs. New World film distribution to publishing, but there’s some good stuff here to consider.

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Going on the Account: Courses Anew to Be Considered Before

So here I am in Research Mode, the state where I’m jumping from webpage to webpage like a spider going between strands on his web, making some fine tuning to upcoming parts of the novel, looking for things like street maps of Port Royal circa 1665 and whether they used the term “stevedore” in the 17th century.  (Not from what I saw, BTW)

So as part of the work, I end up at the Mego Museum, the site dedicated to the company responsible for the 8” action figures that filled a lot of childhoods from the 1970s and paved the way for many marketing tie-in deals to come, and discovered a page there dedicated to their action figure line, World’s Greatest Super Pirates.

Yes, back in the day, you could have played with such scurrilous seadogs as Blackbeard, Jean Lafitte, Long John Silver, and… Captain Patch?  Wasn’t he the man William Kidd killed with that bucket?

Anyways, had I know in the day, I might well have had these figures.  And with half a chance, I might have gotten my hands on a Dinah-mite, switched her clothes with one of these sea dogs, and then set sail on the adventures of-

Hey, just thinking of what might have been, had things worked out a little differently.  So says the man with a few AltHis tales on his resume to share

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Going on the Account: This Be Why We’re Here

They called me mad for offering a novel online.  Mad, I tell you!

Actually, the words I’ve heard thrown about consisted more of names that aren’t appropriate in a family setting…

Well, according to, looks like I might have been doing something right after all.  Hey, if you consider how accurate stopped clocks tend to be, I had half a chance, right…?

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Going on the Account: Part the Two Hundred Sixth

Part the Two Hundred Sixth is now up, and may be read here.

I also want to remind folks about the Comic Creator Alliance’s campaign against human trafficking, which is still looking for your support, as are organizations rushing aid to Haiti.

So much tsuris this week…

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Going on the Account: Shaken to the Core

The home of the original buccaneers is now a living hell.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the news about the earthquake in Haiti, which is turning quickly from a mere tragedy to an unimaginable disaster of proportions not seen since the 2004 tsunami.  The potential figures are staggering; estimates of fatalities are ranging from 30,000 up to 500,000, though even a portion of the low end would still be unbearable.

Worse, of all the countries to experience a 7.0 magnitude quake, the likes of which were last seen there when France threw their weight behind the American colonies against England, Haiti is probably the least well prepared.  The poverty is oppressive in that land, fostered by poor governance and continuous civil strife.  The earthquake, hitting a poor overcrowded land unable to provide the basics, magnifies the suffering there by a thousand fold.

This is a time to think of fellow human beings, to do what you can for people in very desperate needs.  Some of the better sources you can offer assistance through:

American Red Cross

The Salvation Army

Doctors Without Borders


Catholic Relief Services

American Jewish World Service

Other recommendations for how to help can be found at the collection of links offered by The Huffington Post and THE NEW YORK TIMES.  

And remember that when you open your heart, you should use your head.  The FBI is warning about scammers, which gather around tragedies the way sharks swarm at blood in the water.

 Right now, words fail me…

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Going on the Account: Part the Two Hundred Fifth

Part the Two Hundred Fifth is now up, and may be read here.

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Going On The Account: On Station Against Human Trafficking


You’ve seen this button on the page for a few days to announce the Comic Creator’s Alliance campaign to fight human trafficking, alerting you to the start of their fundraising campaign.

Today, January 11th, the campaign begins.  Today is also Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and the start of a two week opportunity to contribute via CCA’s webpage to two organizations working on the problem. 

For your efforts, if you contribute, you get a wallpaper for your computer with the work of all participants on it.  And if you’re looking for all manner of RAGING GAIL swag (Hi Mom!), then this is a golden opportunity here…

If you’re not in it for the giveaways, though, then at the least take this day to get more information on the issue.  There’s a good basic introduction to the topic at, from which there are links to go into further details.  The US State Department’s last Trafficking in Persons report provides an official examination of the matter and discusses the extent of the problem in greater detail.  The reports on human trafficking available through Human Rights Watch are also invaluable in getting a full understanding of the situation.  Beyond that, there’s the work of the Human Trafficking Project, which is dedicated fully to fixing the problem.

I’ve already written a few words on the matter, yet what I had to say doesn’t summarize what’s pulled 85 talented creators and a hack like me together for this cause as eloquently as Lora Innes does on her website for THE DREAMER:

The topic of Human Trafficking (or slavery) should really be important for us. We history people. There’s so much debate about slavery in the lives of the Founding Fathers, and slavery in the roots of America’s creation. And yet, today, there are more people enslaved than there were during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 17th-19th centuries. I don’t want posterity to look back and judge us. Let’s be the generation that stands up and says enough is enough. Radical change in societies is possible, it’s happened over and over again… but only when people like you and me stand up to make a difference.

This is indeed an issue we can’t allow to fester and rot.  If nothing else this day, take a moment to learn more about this horrific dehumanization that needs your attention, if not your help to eradicate.

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Going on the Account: Be This On Our Horizon?

Got a recommendation for a page where Richard Nash discusses the future of publishing ten years from now.  If he’s right, I may have reason to hope…

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Going on the Account: Har-r-r-r-r, Har-r-r-r-r, Har-r-r-r-r…

Had this brought to my attention by my son, an episode of iCARLY, “iStakeout.”  The reason this is posted here can be found at the 17 minute mark, where the cast accuses a store owner (Curtis Armstrong, he who had been Herbert Viola in MOONLIGHTING and Booger in the REVENGE OF THE NERDS films) of selling pirated videos.  He replies to their accusation by-

Well, let’s just say it’s worth a few appropriate laughs…

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Going on the Account: Part the Two Hundred Fourth

Part the Two Hundred Fourth is now up, and may be read here.

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Going on the Account: Situation As Of The First Bell

A few items of interest:

  • The opinion piece in the NEW YORK TIMES about Puntland had some strong points to make about how there needs to be stability on land to deal with the pirate situation off Somalia.  What’s most notable about the piece is the writer, Jay Bahadur, who is in the process of interviewing such participants in the Somali story as the pirates themselves, their former hostages, and all the people tied to the business of shipping under siege, for a book he’s putting together.  I’m looking forward to seeing this when it hits the shelves.
  • There was an article about private marines in the WALL STREET JOURNAL which gives pause for what it doesn’t go into much detail about (which is common for WSJ pieces), namely what happens if there is a firefight at sea.  Sure, the article brings up the litigation and liability issues, but they seem to gloss over what happens when you exchange live fire on a ship moving only 12 knots because it contains petroleum products; not a good combination…
  • Remember the Sea Shepherds?  Got word this morning that their ship Ady Gil lost her bow to a Japanese whaler.  Well, you call yourself a “pirate,” you have to accept the potential for trouble…


Also, you’ll notice this morning on the front page a banner box for Comic Creator’s Alliance, in support of a cause I discussed a little while ago.  I highly recommend giving the page a look and considering what you can do for them.

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Going on the Account: Part the Two Hundred Third

Part the Two Hundred Third is now up, and may be read here.

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