Going on the Account: Losing Your Head Over This…

Got word this evening from Ye Pirate Blog about the theft of Klaus Störtebeker’s skull from the Museum of Hamburg History.

You remember Klaus, right?  Germany’s answer to Robin Hood via Captain Blood?  Unfortunately, there’s not as much written about him as there is about pirates that came later in sunnier climes; something about the difficulty with embracing high seas adventures set in the Baltic by people preferring warmer climes, maybe?  Heck, I can get more info about Trio than Störtebeker, and they had a much shorter, less colorful career than he had…

My question is, why this crime now?  Considering his lionization by the East Germans, and his relative obscurity amongst non-Deutchlanders, what’s left for motive other than pranking?  And if that’s the case and the skull is later recovered, is it going to be on continuous rotation like Munch’s “The Scream”?

If this is what the future holds for his remains, given a choice, would Störtebeker have prefered the gibbet…?


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