Going on the Account: A Last Appeal for a Choice of Heading


There is still time to make a contribution to the campaign by the Comic Creator’s Alliance to end human trafficking.  

You may ask, “Of all the times to hit me up for a contribution, why now?”  Yes, the recent disaster in Haiti has probably taken most of your attention as far as trouble spots to get involved with.  (If you ask this question because of your own personal crisis, then my best thoughts go out to you, and my sympathy as to your situation.)  And that’s a valid point, asking for your help in dealing with a long-term problem when there’s an immediate crisis at hand.

To which the answer, barring any personal factors unbeknownst, may well be that a contribution to one will help the other.

Consider if you will what puts another human being in danger of being a victim of trafficking, usually the young and more often than not female.  Often such victims are vulnerable to being exploited because there is little to protect that person where they live.  For some, it’s the lack of emotional stability, while others it’s economic hardship.  And in a few cases, what makes these people potential victims is general chaos.

All three conditions are a good description of the state of hundreds of thousands of Haitians right now, possible victims of human trafficking thanks to the after effects of the devastating earthquake.

As the two issues are so entwined, the question becomes one of where you feel the most good can be done by your efforts.  If you believe that taking action on the root cause of this misery is the best way to go, then there are plenty of organizations who could use your help.  If you’d rather deal with the specific issue, which will save not just Haitians but people from the world over, then contributing to this cause is how to proceed.

Whatever your choice, please do some good.  Your contributions to both Love 146 and Gracehaven will help alleviate suffering and address wrongs in the world that need your attention.  So too would a contribution to Haitian relief.  As you consider how to go, keep in mind the words of Maimonides:

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision. 

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