Going on the Account: Pirates Far and Near

Two items of interest:

* There was a gun battle between pirates over the release of the Maran Centarus.  One gang seized the ship, harbored her on another gang’s turf promising to split the ransom, and when the deal went down someone got greedy.  According to Jay Bahadur, this looks to be the first time pirate gangs have turned on each other over a prize.

You’d think with everything else that’s gone wrong over there, the last thing the region needs is a criminal turf war… And no, there is no bright side to that; if the factions do start going after each other, in addition to the pain and misery inherent in such acts, the survivors of such strife become tougher to deal with, and be an intractable threat that will not be resolved without yet more blood.

* Meanwhile, last week (right before disaster in Haiti pushed much all else to the side) there was a portrait of Gilberto Sanchez, the man who uploaded WOLVERINE to the consternation of Fox

Like most folks before and now who’ve gone on the account, he wandered into it knowing what was involved, and yet not realizing how big a score he’d come across.  If his account checks out, and his main crime is uploading a pirate copy he bought from someone else, will the other folks involved be thrown in the gibbet as hard as Sanchez was?  If not, it would do a lot of harm to the fair and balanced application of justice by News Corp. on its behalf…

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