Going on the Account: Courses Anew to Be Considered Before

So here I am in Research Mode, the state where I’m jumping from webpage to webpage like a spider going between strands on his web, making some fine tuning to upcoming parts of the novel, looking for things like street maps of Port Royal circa 1665 and whether they used the term “stevedore” in the 17th century.  (Not from what I saw, BTW)

So as part of the work, I end up at the Mego Museum, the site dedicated to the company responsible for the 8” action figures that filled a lot of childhoods from the 1970s and paved the way for many marketing tie-in deals to come, and discovered a page there dedicated to their action figure line, World’s Greatest Super Pirates.

Yes, back in the day, you could have played with such scurrilous seadogs as Blackbeard, Jean Lafitte, Long John Silver, and… Captain Patch?  Wasn’t he the man William Kidd killed with that bucket?

Anyways, had I know in the day, I might well have had these figures.  And with half a chance, I might have gotten my hands on a Dinah-mite, switched her clothes with one of these sea dogs, and then set sail on the adventures of-

Hey, just thinking of what might have been, had things worked out a little differently.  So says the man with a few AltHis tales on his resume to share

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